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New waypoints created in Basecamp off by 120-150'

Started by [email protected], December 13, 2019, 12:05:42 PM

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[email protected]

I've noticed since September/October if I create a waypoint in Basecamp it's off by 120-150' compared to the same coordinates entered into Google Maps. 

I use this method to enter coordinates that I've figured out thru Puzzle caches.  It's a method I've used for years.  Previously the waypoints were within a few feet of the actual locations.  If I create a new waypoint on my GPS unit, edit to be the coordinate values that I need, it is accurate as well.   I only use Basecamp if there several puzzle coordinates that I'm looking for.

I've been working with Garmin directly, but they don't seem to understand what I'm attempting to accomplish. 

It just seem odd to me, that this is now an issue.

Thoughts are appreciated.



Garmin updated the Windows version of Basecamp/MapInstall in May 2018 and it had a serious bug that prevented most third party maps from installing - see this thread:

There were no further updates to Basecamp until October 30, 2019 when they finally fixed this problem. So if your problem actually began in September/October, I don't see how it could be Garmin's fault. Are you sure you didn't accidentally change the projection or coordinate format? Sorry, I rarely use Basecamp, but there are preference settings for these somewhere that might cause a problem.

But if it was somehow caused by an update to Basecamp, you can download old versions here:

Garmin stopped development of Basecamp almost two years ago and many of us were surprised that they even fixed the serious MapInstall bug. So if it is an issue with the program,  I'd say you are out of luck - they are not likely to ever fix it, and their lack of understanding when you called also suggests this.