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looking for a way to make an overlay

Started by supercazzola, November 25, 2019, 04:52:10 PM

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I'd like to display the maidenhead grid boundaries (4 digit) on top of the USA. right now, I was able to take a KML file and get a whole bunch of tracks that I can turn on or off, but I would much rather have a map that is on all the time (so I can actually see the grid squares' boundaries with other maps under them.

Anyone know of any such map, or can point me in the right direction on how to make one? I am on a Mac, so some of the tools will not work for me.

thank you


I am able to convert the KML file to GPX using GPS Babel, then pull it into a layer in JOSM Editor. But I am lost after that.


These two simple programs can convert a .gpx file into a Garmin .img file overlay, maybe they can do what you want? The first one is free:

If you want to do something fancier, there's Mapwel, but it isn't free

Or you could use cgpsmapper and a variety of other free tools, but that is more complicated. Sorry, I don't use the OSM tools.


Thanks Boyd!
Got it to work. But had to find a windows machine. Unfortunately, the author of IMGFromGPX hasn't updated the Mac version to work with the new security requirements of a modern OS-X Mac operating system.
OK, but after getting my hands on a windows laptop, your instructions were dead on.
Thank you very very much !



Looks good!  8)

Sad story about the author of the Javawa software, he had a stroke a couple years ago and although he recovered, he says he just can't write software anymore. It's really too bad, because his stuff is great.

BTW, if you have a Mac that's capable of running older operating systems, you might want to set it up for dual booting. There are a variety of ways to do this, like using an external SSD with the older system on it. I have over $5000 of specialized legacy software that I don't use much, but still need. I can boot my 2012 Mini Server into Mountain Lion when I need it.