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Author Topic: Newb (or grom as surfers call it)  (Read 293 times)


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Newb (or grom as surfers call it)
« on: November 24, 2019, 11:46:23 AM »
I am really excited to find this site and be a member, this being the second time logging on after beating my head against the wall as first time GPS owner (66s). Having figured out a few things, just downloaded my first set of topo maps (New Mexico) via this site (ever grateful), the 66s geocache stuff may be horribly out of date,  manuals and videos are not enough, having no coach is painful (from beating head on wall).

Having said all that, it would be awesome if there are any Albuquerque residents that would be interested in being annoyed with my presence as I learn the craft. I would like to learn geocache, I own an adventure bike (BMW G650 X Country), want to backpack eventually (swimming to lose weight and get fit at the moment). I retire in October next year and plan to spend much time wandering about. I drink beer and coffee so if there are any groups who get together here in town. I can meet anywhere. I'm also a member of the Albuquerque Press Club and can host GPS related group activities there, no food but there is a bar and you can bring all the food you want. Any takers?