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lost tracks

Started by banest, December 04, 2019, 08:31:22 AM

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Recently I noticed that many (maybe 40 or so??) of my GPS tracks (~250 total tracks) that were previously in my Basecamp database have vanished. I suspect the gyrations I had to take on downgrading Basecamp to an older version in order to be able to load GPS File Depot maps again may have been the culprit; I can't think of any other reason for this to have happened...  The good news is, I do have several Basecamp backups available from the last year. Plus, some of the missing tracks from Basecamp are still on my 64s unit - but not near all of them.

So, what is the correct procedure to comb through my older Basecamp backups to find tracks that are not currently on my Basecamp, and restore them, but while still keeping recent tracks that are not on the older backups. In other words, how do I get ALL of my older tracks back, but not lose the newest tracks?? I want all of my tracks!! Will importing the old backups from the flawed latest version of Basecamp force an upgrade from my functioning older Basecamp to the current flawed Basecamp?? I doubt it, but wanted to ask.

I hope this makes sense. Thanks in advance for your sage advice.


I figured it out. Backup your most recent, then do a restore backup from a previous backup, then export any tracks of interest from that backup, then restore your latest backup, then import the tracks you just exported, then save the result as your latest backup. Rinse and repeat. Sorry if I woke anybody up on this sleepy forum, cheers.


Glad you figured it out.

I'm awake, but I really don't use Basecamp for anything these days. I always preferred Mapsource for managing tracks and waypoints, but the newer Garmin devices are a bit more complicated to use with it since they store data across a bunch of different .gpx files.

Personally, I always save .gpx files of all my important data, either as copies of the files from the device itself or compilations that I export from Basecamp or Mapsource. I would not trust Basecamp with all my data.

I wasn't 100% sure how Basecamp handles all this, so I didn't respond. I'm not surpirised that nobody else responded either, this forum is primarily for support of the maps on this site.

But you are right.... this forum is a sleepy place and so is GPSReview and GPSPassion. Happy 2020!  ;D


Thanks, Boyd.

I do need to start saving my tracks independently from BaseCamp; I had to learn that the hard way! I was unable to find some of the missing tracks.

Thanks for responding, and cheers to you and all for 2020!!