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Mac installation automation/options

Started by 93ToyTruck, October 10, 2019, 07:58:25 AM

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I'm a Windows person and have some questions about Mac...

I've got 3 versions of a map that I convert using Garmin MapConverter.  I bundled them all into a zip file. Users unzip the file then double click each of the maps to install them.

Is it possible to automate it so that all three maps are installed via one user action?

Next question...
I've got multiple TYP files that display the map differently depending on what the user wants. The Windows version of the map has an installer that prompts the user then copies in the TYP file that they want.

Is there any way to do this on a Mac? Perhaps run a separate command utility after the main install?  Can the Garmin map files be overwritten directly?

I'd like to avoid creating an new GMAPI file with the entire map in it. Could it be a GMAPI file with just the TYP and XML file in it?


Last time I looked into it, creating Mac installers was not simple and required special software. I can only imagine that this has gotten worse as Apple continues locking down the Mac. The default settings won't allow for installation of any software not approved by Apple.

As for the TYP questions, I don't really know. But how big are your maps? Considering the speed of typical internet connections, wouldn't it just be simpler to create separate versions? That also makes it easier for the user.

Another option might be have them download the free TYPchanger program. It's dead easy to use, but some non-technical people might still be put off by this.

BTW, everyone should be using GMAP files for windows now too, since the new version of Basecamp/MapInstall doesn't work with registry maps anymore. The tutorials on this site really should be updated to reflect this new reality.