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cannot load OSM onto Drivesmart 61

Started by beesong, July 31, 2019, 01:28:35 PM

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I've downloaded and unzipped an OSM map with voice directions that is supposed to work on a Drivesmart 61. I can't get it onto the Garmin unit, even though Base Camp appears to send it to the correct unit. When I look under "My Maps" on the 61, it only shows the built-in maps. Can someone help? Many thanks!


If you are using Basecamp 4.7 (released in May 2018) then that is likely the problem. This version of MapInstall does not work with registry format maps, which is probably what you have. This has been a huge problem for everyone, but Garmin has discontinued Basecamp and will never fix it.

See this thread for some solutions, which include downgrading to an older version of Basecamp or using Mapsource, Garmin's old software.

If you want to use Mapsource, there will be another issue on the DriveSmart however. Automotive devices are recognized as MTP devices and not USB disks on Windows computers. This means Mapsource will not "see" your GPS. But you can change this with a hidden menu on the Drivesmart - see this

2. Start NUVI by itself and go to Volume Screen.
3. Press the upper right hand corner of screen for 10 seconds.
4. The Developers Screen will pop up
5. Scroll down to MTP SETTINGS


Thank you for this excellent and helpful information, which I am going to print out and save. If Garmin discontinues BaseCamp, what are their plans for releasing a program that will let us install maps? Is this a sneaky way for them to make it possible in the future to only be able to use their (expensive) maps?


Garmin stated that they discontinued basecamp in a FAQ on their site. Just went back and now they have removed that statement. However, the reality has not changed. The last update to Basecamp was May 2018, and they obviously have no interest in fixing the incompatibiliy with registry-based maps.

More info here: