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Got the topos loaded, but appearance seems off

Started by JLV, August 09, 2009, 02:28:22 AM

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Hi folks,
With the help of the tuturial (a big help) I was able to download the Iowa and WY topo maps as well as the WY land usage map. I have them on a 4 gig card in my Nuvi 205w. The maps are appearing on the Nuvi, however they dont look the same as they did on my computer. The map background is black or dark blue, highways are tan but small roads and contour lines are white and the land usage lines are all just white instead of color coded by ownership type.

When viewing the maps on the computer the background is tan, creeks are blue, contour lines are brown, etc like a traditional topo map.

The current appearance of my topos on the Nuvi makes them somewhat hard to read. Is there a setting I can change?

Thanks, Joel

Indrid Cold

Was it in the evening when you viewed the maps on your GPS? If so, maybe the unit switched to night color mode.


Yep, that was the problem. Sorry for the dumb question, I hadnt used the Nuvi at night yet!