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Oh Nooooo, newbie alert! Nuvi and topos etc...

Started by JLV, August 02, 2009, 11:50:59 PM

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Hi folks,
I am wanting a Nuvi 205W for general automotive use and I also want it to double for use on an ATV when hunting in large areas of BLM land in Wyoming running desert two-track roads etc, so I will want to use the topos here as well as the WY land use map. I will probably just use my old yellow Extrex for hand held use as it has sufficed in the past, I just want the Nuvi to establish the area I'm in is public, where the two-track leads, etc.

Here come the questions...
1. From what I've read here the Nuvi 205 will let me down load and display these maps, yes?

2. How large of an area can I download to the SD card and Nuvi at one time? The whole state of WY, 2 states, just a small area? I'd like to get at least 4 or so areas equivilent of the BLM paper maps loaded and in use at one time.

Indrid Cold

1. yes.
2. Depending on the volume size of the datacard... you shouldn't have any trouble with a couple of large states.
3. look into a RAM mount for the ATV.


3. It sounds like I need to disable the nuvi's factory basemap in order to view the topos. Can this be done on the Nuvi in the field or does that have to be done via computer? Obviously I want to use the street maps while enroute to my area, then be able to quickly switch over to topos.

4. Can any of the maps here (WY land use specifically) be overlaid on the Nuvi's basemap, allowing me to cruise the highway and determine where the public land starts?

If all of this is possible, it seems there wouldnt be a huge advantage to going with the Nuvi 500 other than its waterproof. At almost twice the price I'll risk the 205w getting wet, especially since the maps here are more detailed it seems.
I would sure appreciate any help with what are probably old questions, so thanks! Joel


Thanks, you were typing while I was.
So I would be able to get the entire state of WY worth of 24K topos and the land use map on say a 2 gig card and run the whole state seamlessly? That would be fantastic.

The Ram mount will be a must I think.

Indrid Cold

3. in the field, quick easy switch
4. the landuse map can be overlaid onto the installed maps.

the 500 is waterproof, might be worth getting. You can add TOPO's from this site to it and be good to go.


Great, thank you very much.  I'd like to go with the 500 but its a $100+ more and I'll only be using it on the ATV a couple days a year, a ziplock will have to serve as emergency waterproofing. I'll be ordering one pronto, when it gets here I'll probably have more questions after messing up the downloads.  ;D


Oh, one more thing for now, what size micro SD card is recommended for this application? I've heard that large cards cause problems in some electronics.


One advantage the 500 has is that there is a cradle for it. As you will discover a regular mount will not be strong enough for the ATV. Also you will discover that the automobile power plug will vibrate loose. The cradle can be wired into the ATV battery.

I have the 500 and like it. On the 500 a 2 GB micro SD card is the biggest recommended.

The 500s have been going for less that $240.  Quite a bargain. You might want to rethink that choice.