Load Montana.img file to Basecamp for Montana 650t

Started by cdthiker, July 29, 2019, 07:05:55 AM

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I downloaded the new Montana Topo .img file to my PC.  I connected my Montana 650t to PC and copied the .img file to the Garmin Folder.  It does not show when I click on the MAP icon.  Also, can an img. file be loaded into Basecamp?  I tried GMap tool but too technie for me.


It would help if you were more specific about the map. Is this it?

That map is hosted on another site here:

You will find installation instructions on that page. You should not be messing with .img files directly, that map has an installer to handle everything for you. It's not as simple as just copying the file with this type of map. Putting an .img file in the Garmin folder on your PC won't work.

This map is more than 10 years old and uses Garmin's old "registry format", like many of the maps at GPSFileDepot. A year ago, Garmin stopped supporting this type of map in Basecamp (athough they never explained this change). The result is that you can view the map in Basecamp, but it will not install properly on a GPS. Garmin has now discontinued Basecamp, so "it is what it is".

With an old map like this, use Garmin's old Mapsource software. That's what this map was intended for. Run the installer and the map should appear in the maps menu in Mapsource. You can then send it to your GPS. For help with Mapsource, see these tutorials: