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How do I load .kmz map file Using Basecamp

Started by Eastcoombe, August 24, 2019, 01:51:02 PM

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I am trying to load a map of Dartmoor National Park, UK on to my Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx using Basecamp with no success. The map is listed on GPEfileDepot and is a .kmz file. Am I using the wrong software?
Any assistance would be appreciated


Use File>Import into my collection in Basecamp.

Attach the Garmin, right-click on the KMZ in Basecamp and choose Send to...


.kmz files are actually "containers" that can hold many different types of data. So your file could be almost anything and you haven't given us enough information for a proper answer.

But a common use for .kmz files is Garmin "custom maps" which are scanned images of paper maps or aerial imagery. If that is what you're trying to use, forget it. That kind of map just isn't compatible with an old device like the 60csx.

Now a .kmz file might also contain waypoints or tracks, and those should work on the 60csx.