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topo lines not showing

Started by Tom Brooks, July 18, 2019, 10:05:53 PM

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Tom Brooks

I created a hiking map in Basecamp using a link from gpsfiledepot. The map is USM PAcific OSM Topo. When I install it on my Garmin Etrex20X, the trail and waypoints look fine, but there are no top lines. What am I missing?


Did you install the map using Basecamp/MapInstall? If so, then that is likely the problem. Garmin updated these programs in May 2018 such that they no longer work properly with many (most?) of the maps on this site. Then Garmin discontinued Basecamp, so apparently this will never be fixed.

The easiest solution is to either use Garmin's older MapSource software or downgrade Basecamp/MapInstall to a older version that still works properly. See this thread: