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Having Issues with Compiling

Started by brettfavre, August 20, 2019, 11:24:14 AM

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I worked through all the steps with Global Mapper and ended up with my folder of .MP files. However, I am a little confused on the final compiler page. It says to download the CompileMps.bat script but then references updating the ConvertSplit2mp file and double clicking on it. The text update instructions seem to match more with what is in CompileMps.bat file.

I went the route of updating the CompileMps.bat file but when it is run it very quickly processes in less than a second and says "Completed cgpsmapper on MSTopo...." in the log. However, nothing was created.


cgpsMapper is no longer supported nor developed.

MKGMap will compile .MP files and works for me.


That is true, but it still works just fine and I don't think the fact that it's been discontinued is relevant to the OP's problem. This sounds like something specific to the tutorials that Oz has created, and I've never used those myself so I can't help.

FWIW, I just received a PM a few days ago from somebody who was having cgpsmapper issues. He contacted Stan (the cgpsmapper author) and actually received a helpful response. So, even though the software is no longer under development there's evidently still some level of "support". :)


Thanks for the responses, I ended up figuring it out. His guide does have a small error in the file that should be used during processing. That aside, my issue was that the compiler didn't like if the folder with your mp files had a name with a space in it. Once I edited the folder name and removed the space it started compiling. Its been processing for about 16 hours and still going...not sure if that's normal. I have a pretty beefy system.

Just curious, is there another place that has an overall updated way of going about this?


16 hours is crazy.  How big of a tile are you trying to compile?  You really do not want huge tiles as it will cause endless issues.


FWIW, it typically takes me from 30 to 60 seconds to compile .img files in the 2MB - 3MB size range. Sometimes they might take a little longer, but I make very complex maps. I am using a dual core core i5 3.4ghz 8gb PC running Windows 7.

Had just a quick look at Oz's tutorial, and it seems that he uses tiles based on USGS 100k topo maps. My own maps tiles are generally based on USGS 7.5 minute quad boundaries, but my maps mostly cover smaller areas and have high detail.


My map of Britain is about 13GB made up of 400 .MP files, the largest is 150MB.

On a 3.4GHz i7, cgpsMapper takes about 20 hours to compile all the files; MKGMap takes 15 minutes.


You can run multiple compilations simultaneously, but cgpsmapper is a bit tricky. You need to set separate temporary directory for each instance and set different affinity for each instance. I usually run 8 instances on my i7. It takes about 40 minutes to compile about 3.8GB.

Mkgmap uses multithreading by default.