Newb: Fine map detail on topo not showing on GPS

Started by mcarrigan54, July 28, 2019, 12:36:55 PM

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Sorry, kinda new to this.  I have Garmin Mapsource, Base Camp, an etrex20 and a few states of downloaded topo's.  I can see all the topo detail in both old Mapsource and Base Camp.  When I install the maps from BaseCamp to the GPS I get very little detail on the unit.  If I install from Mapsource I get all of the detail but I have to create 1 map with the states I want but it maxes at 4gig and I get 1 map (if I reduce the number of States to get below 4gig). You can't load multiple individual maps from Mapsource.  So what am I missing to get all of the detail from BaseCamp?


If you are using the current Basecamp it is broken and the map are not installed properly. You can read many threads on here about it.

You need to uninstall it and install an older version. 


As you have noticed, Mapsource works correctly but Basecamp is broken. And Garmin has discontinued Basecamp, so it will never be fixed. But there's a pretty easy solution that doesn't involve installing anything.

Mapsource always names the map gmapsupp.img, because that's the only filename that very old GPS unit recognize. Your etrex will recognize any file with an .img extension however. So, choose one map and send it to the GPS with Mapsource. Now manually change the map file name from gmapsupp.img to map1.img (or anything else you like).

Then send the second map and change the name to map2.img. Repeat this for every map and you will be all set.