Transferring saved Favorites/Waypoint from 1 GPS to another GPS

Started by Dr Ohm, June 25, 2019, 09:47:58 AM

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Dr Ohm

I have an old Nuvi 200 full of Favorite locations that I want to upload to my Dell, edit or delete uneeded ones, and transfer to my newer Garmin drive 51. I've been reading Forum notes for 2 days and can't find the full story. It has been 10 years maybe since I've been here so back to a full NEWBY status for me!

Dr Ohm

Well I figured out how to upload, edit, and delete them from my NUVI using MapSource, but the same program will not 'see' the Drive 51 GPS. Seriously? Basecamp will see the 51 but i see no way to upload waypoints to it, or import a waypoint file into it to upload. I guess the waypoint info  would be included in the device upload once i get them imported?


See this:

Now, the Drive series appears as a MTP device to a windows computer, and not a USB disk like older models. This is why Mapsource can't "see" it. But you can change this:

1. Go to the volume screen

2. Press your finger on the upper right corner of the screen for about 10 seconds

3. The developer screen should appear

4. Go to MTP Settings

5. Choose Mass Storage

Now the device will behave like a USB disk when you connect it to your computer.

BTW, if you use Mapsource to transfer favorites/waypoints, it simply creates a file named Temp.gpx and the data from that file is imported when the device starts up. You should delete the Temp.gpx file after you have transferred the data. It is no longer needed and can cause some strange problems later if you leave it there.

Dr Ohm

Well Bless you Boyd! That was simple, and I will try it again after I re-edit the file contents and delete some unneeded waypoints because even tho it said it did it and saved it yesterday, it lied. Nothing was changed. Also once the developer page opened up it turned out to be just an Info page with all the GPS stats and specs. The next & back buttons are grey and do nothing so not sure where MTP settings might be. I bet somebody knows...  Awesome website guys!   :)


On my Drivesmart 61 on the Diagnostic Page I have the following items, I think your Drive 51 should be the same.

Clear all user data
Demo Mode
Configuration and Settings
Developer Info
Developer Tests and Tools
Diagnostic Logging

You need to press Configuration and Settings, then press MTP settings. Choose Mass Storage from this menu and press the Save button. Then you'll be all set.

Sorry, my other post was based on old info, it should be "Diagnostic Page" instead of "Developer Screen".

Happy to help, and this is a great site, but it's actually the wrong place to discuss this topic. The forums here are primarily intended for discussion of GPSFileDepot maps, and most people are using them on handheld devices instead of automotive units.

Generally speaking, you'll get better responses about automotive devices on one of the sites below.

Dr Ohm

OK, well I just updated my Drive 51 firmware from 4.0 to 6.1 to see if the Diagnostic Page looked differently and it does not. It is still just a spec & stats page with No menu choices other than raising or lowering the brightness and Exit, with Next & Back buttons still grayed out. This is the screen I get from pressing the upper right corner from the 'Where to?" screen, that function doesn't work from any other screen. I also have a Basecamp/Waypoint problem, should I take it to another forum? Thanks again Expert.


You may not have understood step 1. First, you must go to the VOLUME SCREEN. This is the screen where you can adjust the system volume or mute it. Hold your finger in the corner of that screen for awhile. This works on all the newer models AFAIK.

Dr Ohm

YES You are correct! I completely 'Newbied" your instructions and missed the volume page step. Got it now! Thanks. Kinda weird that my favorites are listed in 'closest to current location' order, instead of in alphabetically order. Kinda weird... How can I change this?


You can't change the way that favorites are sorted. This is an old complaint that has been discussed extensively in the past, but Garmin doesn't seem to care. The odd thing is, for awhile they had a smartphone app that looked just like a Nuvi (StreetPilot). And it *did* have the option to sort by name or distance. Garmin discontinued that app though.

Dr Ohm

Thanks Boyd, not very good customer support from Garmin then. So my Favorites will be arranged in a different order every time I access them depending on where I am parked. That is nuts.

Dr Ohm

So I posted my Basecamp waypoint question on another forum and No replies, and am waiting to see if I will be accepted on the Garmin forum, but may get a better answer here since it is a BaseCamp issue. so here goes:
The uploaded Waypoint or Favorites list from my GPS shows up in the bottom left corner titled My Collection in BaseCamp. After I edit this list I want it sent back to the Garmin Drive 51 GPS but it either isn't sending anything, or it is sending back the same list without any of the changes I've made. I find no specific command available to send just the Waypoints up to the GPS. Three times and the same results. What is the Newbie missing?


You might want to spend some time here:

As for the order of your waypoints, I don't see why this surprises you. I'm sure your old Nuvi 200 works the same way.

Dr Ohm

No the Nuvi actually keeps them in alphabetical order but if you are looking for a saved location while you are moving, it will keep refreshing the list from the top as it continuously updates the travel distance. I usually end up just pulling over.


You just drag and drop to list onto the Nuvi in Basecamp.