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Topo maps

Started by rwwiefer, June 19, 2019, 09:21:37 AM

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Good morning, first post.
Garmin is a joke to actually be able to talk to someone! Hopefully someone in here can help.
I have numerous GPS units and just recently had an idea that I didn't know would even be an option. I have a Garmin 755T Hand Held and a SD chip from OnX-Maps. (On-X Maps doesn't support Chart Plotters) I run 2 - Garmin Chart Plotters 93SV Plus on my Bass boat so I bought a Topo US 24K South West SD card that Garmin said would work. How every the Garmin 93's don't seem to show the same detail as my 755T hand held. The 93's don't show the FR (Forest Service) road names but the 755T does. It does show the tanks and there names, most of the dotted roads are there but not as much detail. Does anyone know about a setting in the Chart Plotters I need to adjust. I do take this unit out of my Bass Boat and run it on on Side by Side for hunting. Sorry very long story but hope I covered everything that someone may need to know to be able to help me.


Good morning, I see I have had 50 reads but no replies. Does anyone know if I should move this post to another forum that may be more suited for what I need help with.


Don't think you will find many people here with chartplotters. Personally, I try to stick to dry land.  :) So not sure where you could find a forum for that.

I assume you have looked in for a map detail setting in the menus?