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remove maps from Garmin GPSmap76CSx

Started by budman847, March 17, 2019, 03:13:02 PM

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How do I remove maps from my GPS unit?  I will be moving and will no longer need the maps that are loaded into the unit.


If I'm not mistaken, your 76csx is exactly the same as my 60csx, except it a different case that floats? It's dead easy to remove maps from that model, because all the maps are stored on a microSD card inside the device. You could just remove the card, and replace it with another one. Cards are really cheap today - get the smallest you can find, which will probably be 4gb. An old device like yours really doesn't need anything bigger. Then you can keep the old card as a backup, in case you ever need your old maps again.

But if you don't want to do that, set the GPS for USB Mass Storage mode - see page 41 here

Then connect it to your computer. It should appear as a disk (may take awhile). There should be a folder named Garmin. That folder will contain the map - I would only expect one file to be there, named gmapsupp.img. You can delete that if you're sure you will never need it again. Or you could save a copy on your computer.

One other thing about your old GPS... if you use Mapsource, Garmin's old software, the next time you send maps they will automatically erase whatever maps you currently have on the device. So if you are going to add another map, it will erase the old one anyway.


Thank you for your quick response.  I've not used the GPS, except for playing around with it.  I won it in a game of chance, so I'm not experienced in its functions.  Is there anything in the .img file that the device needs to function other than the maps? Is there any way to separate the file into individual map files?  If I were to delete the .img file on the disk, would I then be able to install maps from this website?  Thanks in advance for any info you can provide.


In that case, first you must determine whether there is a memory card in the GPS. See page two of the link I posted to the manual above, "To Install the Micro SD card". If there is no card in the slot then there are no maps on the GPS. If you want to install a map (from here or anywhere else) then you will need to purchase a card, as I described in the post above.

If there is a card, then you should determine exactly what kind of mapping it contains. For example, it might have a commercial Garmin marine map and they can be very expensive, so it would not be wise to just delete that. ;)

But if you're sure you don't want the map on the card, just use Mapsource to send a new map and it will erase the old one.

Sorry, but from what you have said, I think you will need more help than I can provide here. Start by reading through the whole manual, that will be a good start. You will also find quite a few videos online if you search for GPSMap 76csx.

Unfortunatley, things have gotten complicated because Garmin's current Windows software (Basecamp) does not work with any of the maps here and Garmin does not seem very interested in fixing this problem. So you should use Garmin's older software, Mapsource.

And, like I said, it's complicated. Sorry...


Wait...BaseCamp is not compatible with gpsfiledepot maps?
I just bought a used 76csx and installed a NC topo map on the unit using BaseCamp, but the topo lines are not showing up, just the roads, lakes, and county lines.
Are you saying I need to download MapSource instead?


Yes, there are endless threads on this topic. Garmin introduced an update last May, and it broke the ability to add 3rd party maps. This thread discusses the problemd and has some solutions.

I would just use Mapsource with a 76csx though. That was the software this old device was designed for, and it still works.