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Updating to Newer Non Garmin Topo Maps

Started by el69564, March 21, 2019, 01:04:38 PM

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There are newer versions of maps available. To install the newer versions, what do I have to do? Do I have to delete all data from the old maps. Do I have to do any cleanup in Basecamp to get rid of the old maps, or just install the new maps?  Thanks! 


Exactly what are you talking about? Maps from GPSFileDepot? If so, for starters see what the map author recommends (if anything). Some maps have installers that will automatically remove or replace old versions.

Are you using a Macintosh? Windows? The way most topo maps from here are made, the Windows versions are installed just like a program. Use the Programs and Features control panel to un-install them. On the Mac, the Garmin Map Manager program will allow you to remove a map.

If you are talking about maps of the same state, but from a different authors, you will probably want to leave both installed until you decide that you no longer want the old one. Garmin maps have ID numbers that distinguish them in Basecamp and the GPS. As long as these numbers are different, there is no problem with having multiple maps of the same area. But when you remove a map (as described above), it will be gone and there is nothing to "clean up".


Yes, maps from FileDepot. I am using Windows. I am thinking that I should recreate the SD card for my Garmin. Some of the maps that I have looked at are the same author but have newer dates. It sounds like I just "uninstall" the old maps using windows, which will remove it from Basecamp. Will the "uninstall" cleanup all the files that were originally installed. Then do all the new installs - then create the new card.  Sound about right?  Thanks!!


There really is no such thing as a "GPSFileDepot Map". GPSFileDepot is just a repository for the work of many different authors and there are no standards about how to make or install maps. So you really need to look at this on a case by case basis. As I said, some authors have created installers that automatically remove the old version. This would be required if the new map uses the same ID number, or they would conflict.

If the info on the map page does not address this, then I would just try to install the new version and see what happens. If you only see the new map in Basecamp after updating, then you can assume that the author has automatically handled this. Otherwise, uninstall the old map first. That should remove all the files, but again, there really isn't any standard here.

If you plan to delete the old maps from a card and install new ones with Basecamp/MapInstall, you should be aware that Garmin broke this software last May and still has not fixed it. The current versions cannot install maps properly. It will appear to work, but when you select the map on the GPS, it will be mostly blank. So, if you just blindly delete your old maps from an SD card, you are not going to be happy when you try to install the new ones.  >:(

There is a lot of discussion of this in recent threads here. See this for more information and possible work-arounds:


Thanks! You are a wealth of knowledge and so helpful!