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No topography showing

Started by ddesmond, March 19, 2019, 06:43:16 PM

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Hey folks,
Just registered to GPSFileDepot. Just bought a used GPSmap76csx. Have downloaded Garmin BaseCamp to my laptop, downloaded some topo maps from GPSFileDepot (e.g., nctopo11). Just figured out how to load maps onto the gps unit, using Garmin MapInstall, starting with just a tile or two from the topo maps
However, the only things showing up are roads, lakes, and county boundaries. No topo lines, however much I zoom in or out.
I'm inside sitting on my couch, not outside.
Why no topo lines?


Okay, figured it out. It was a map display issue. I went to Setup -> Map, then scrolled over to the anchor/nautical settings and turned off the Marine Colors. Topo lines are now showing.