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State and County Map for Montana 610 not showing?

Started by Bud Horn, March 17, 2019, 10:42:11 AM

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Bud Horn

I had to replace my old Montana 600 for a new Montana 610. I've downloaded City Navigator from Garmin and the State and County line map from this site. I have both maps enabled on the device however the county lines do not show on my device. My old Montana 600 showed the lines but the new Montana 610 does not. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Most likely, the problem has nothing to do with your Montana. If you used Basecamp/MapInstall then that's why the map doesn't show. The current versions are broken and cannot send maps to a GPS. The condition you describe is exactly the symptom of this problem.

See this thread.

Bud Horn

Thanks so much! After looking through the other thread I really was apprehensive about uninstalling and reinstalling a previous versions of BaseCamp and Mapinstall. Then I remembered that I had given my wife an older PC that I had used several years ago and luckily it still had 4.2.5 BaseCamp and 4.0.4 Mapinstaller. I installed the state and county line map and it worked perfectly. Thanks again for the help!!!!