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Garmin Basecamp

Started by Seabee, February 09, 2020, 07:24:46 PM

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I've got a question about Basecamp. I had ver. 4.7.0 installed and I found out it had a problem with third party maps so I uninstalled it. Tried to install Ver 4.7.1 and it wouldn't run after the install. This is on a Windows 10 64 bit system. Was able to get Basecamp Ver 4.6.2 to install. My question is should I install Basecamp Ver 4.7.1 (update) or should one wait a while? I did update Mapinstall to Ver. 4.2.1 and it seems to do what it's suppose to do which was install Oregon Topo from this site. Jim


Not sure what would be gained by waiting. Basecamp has been discontinued and Garmin isn't going to be improving it. We were all surprised when they actually fixed the map installation bug. But it took a year and a half before they did that.


Thanks, I'll give it a shot at updating it. On another note I finally figured out how to get City Navigator Europe to run on one of my Nuvi 2595LM (I have several).  Jim


Help. Ok. Got ver 4.6.2 to install on my laptop (Windows 10 64 bit). Seems to work. Downloaded and tried to install ver 4.7.1. Says it installed but when I start Basecamp it asks if I want to update I tell it yes and it asks to uninstall ver 4.7.1. Tell it yes and it says successfully uninstalled then ver 4.6.2 runs. What's going on? Thanks, Jim


Might have something to do with the Windows registry. Have you seen this post from 93ToyTruck?

As for "whats going on"... Basecamp is a mess and Garmin got tired of trying to fix it, so they have abandoned it and moved on to a web-based program that supports their new, premium devices.  ;)