Software version 5.10 breaks the ability to enable 3rd party maps.

Started by dwitton, February 21, 2019, 09:25:34 AM

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This morning, I updated software on my 64s to the latest version - 5.10 - and now can't enable the 3rd party maps that are installed on the device - the maps are no longer viewable from the menu.
Is it possible to revert the device to a prior software version?


Are you sure it's the device firmware? Because the newest version of Basecamp/MapInstall cannot send third party maps to a GPS. And to make things even worse, Garmin has discontinued development so apparently this will never be fixed. See this thread for more:

But yes, you can easily revert to older firmware. There is an archive here:

Also see this:

If Garmin has really disabled the ability to use third party maps, that would be big news. So please follow up and let us know what you learn.


Seems to me like it's the firmware. Prior to the 5.10 update, the maps were present on the device and able to be enabled/disabled. After the upgrade the maps were still there, able to be seen in Windows explorer and MapInstaller, but no longer listed in device's menu. However they were in the enabled state, and that was fine with me.
I called tech suppt - their suggestion was to uninstall/reinstall the maps, but I didn't want to create a bigger problem, so I stood pat.
I also raised the issue of terminated BaseCamp development - the tech denied that, and said they were currently working on bug fixes, including the ability to load 3rd party maps - which he said also affected some Garmin map products. It'll be interesting to see what the next version of Basecamp offers.




Al osm (open Street map) tiles are possible to load to Garmin.
Also maps from 3 part like from the national mapping in my country. (Kartverket) Topo, road and traffic. Marine.
Also professional maps of technical infrastructure .
If this is not possible to load on a Garmin device ,Garmin is dead as a fish,....

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