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txfr topo maps from basecamp to 62s

Started by ginomanc, December 31, 2018, 07:50:13 PM

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I want to make sure i do not overwrite an existing topo map on my Garmin 62s SIM card with the topo(s)  i just downloaded from gps file depot to Basecamp. Can I install the new map from Basecamp into the GPS memory  or will it write to the sim card  without overwriting it? Thanks in advance.


First, you don't have a SIM card in your GPS. SIM cards are for phones, you have a micro SD card, which is something completely different. :)

If you want to be completely certain you don't lose data on your GPS, you need to back it up. Create a folder on your computer and copy the entire contents of the SD card to it. Then make another folder and copy the entire contents of your GPS internal memory. This will let you restore if you have a problem.

Garmin's old software, Mapsource, did actually delete an old map and replace it with a new one. It always created a file named gmapsupp.img, so if you already had a file with that name then it would be deleted. The simplest solution for this is to change the name of the map file after you send it. In other words, open the Garmin folder and change gmapsupp.img to topo.img (or whatever you like). Mapsource was discontinued a number of years ago, but it still works.

Garmin's newer software is Basecamp and there is a companion program called MapInstall that does the actual installation of maps. It is designed not to delete existing files. But unfortunately it's complicated now. The current version of MapInstall is broken and cannot install a usable map on your GPS.

There are many threads about this problem here. And we just learned that Garmin has no intention of fixing this problem and they are no longer updating Basecamp/Mapinstall. This thread has more information and suggestions for how to deal with the problem. But it's a bad situation all around.  >:(


Thanks for your reply. I meant SD card, not SIM, my bad. I also use Basecamp to manage maps, etc. I successfully uploaded GPS File Depot Northeast Topos Parts 1,2 and 3 to Basecamp then to a blank (16gig) SD card in my GPS.  Thought all was good but when I looked at my installed maps on my GPS it appears that just Part 1 loaded. (and Im able to enable it) . Comment lease?. Thanks


Check what versions of Basecamp and MapInstall you are using. If it is Basecamp 4.7 and MapInstall 4.2, they are broken. See the link I posted above for more info.

Also look in the Garmin folder on the SD card.  What files do you see and how large are they?


success!! Uninstalled the "bad" versions of MapInstall and Basecamp, and installed the backlevel ones (also deleted the directory entry per the link instructions). Wrote the maps to the Garmin SD card and all is good. Thank you for your timely help.


One last cleanup issue.
I have what appears to be a remnant of/ or the entire NE Part 1  topo map) showing as an installed map on my GPS SD card. I cannot delete this map using the normal method of deleting unwanted maps. This probably occurred when i was trying to install these maps using Mapinstall 4.2.0 . (I was able to install and delete Parts 1,2, and 3 after I "fixed" the Basecamp/ Mapinstall issue. ) I look at my Garmin folder now on my PC and cant identify the file that if I delete may remove whatever the heck I have on my SD card. Any ideas? Thanks.


For starters, I would download these two free programs - every Garmin owner should have them - they will help you understand and manage the maps on your computer and gps

Regarding the map you can't identify, are you sure it is actually installed on the card and not internal memory? Easy way to test that would be removing the card, restarting the gps and then looking in the map setup menu to see what is listed.

Aside from that, you need to understand that .img files are "containers" that can hold more than one map, depending on how they were installed. Old garmin devices only recognized one map file name - gmapsupp.img. So if you wanted multiple maps on the device, they had to be all rolled into that single file.

So one of your files may have two maps in it. On the card, maps should be the only thing installed there. The \Garmin folder should only contain files with an .img extension. These should all be map files.

I think the utilities listed above will help you sort this out.


I determined that the map/file remnant is on the sd card and not internal GPS memory. I tried reading the SD Card  ( a preloaded card I purchased with garmin's topo on it) on my PC,  but all it showed was the ID file, not even the Garmin topo file or the "remnant". Im guessing the card is "read protected" (if there is such a thing) because they dont want their topo copied. I can use my GPS with that remnant disabled (on the menu) so this problem is not a showstopper. Just wanted to maximize the space on the card for future map downloads. I'm hesitant to mess around with the data on this card lest  I corrupt the installed Garmin topo which I paid good bucks for. Thanks.


I would NEVER add more maps to a pre-loaded Garmin data card. You are taking a big chance there, if you mess it up Garmin will not help you. That is one reason why I don't like the pre-loaded cards, it ties up your whole card slot with only one map. If you need to use the card, then put your other maps in internal memory.

As you probably know, the map is tied to your specific card, and won't work if copied to another card. I would still back it up however, because if the card become corrupt you might save it by re-formatting and copying the map back to it. And installing maps with Garmin's buggy MapInstall software is probably a good way to corrupt the data on your card. ;)

As originally provided, the card should have 3 files in the Garmin folder. The .img file is the map itself (typically gmapsupp.img) then there should be two other files with the same name but with a .gma and .unl extension. These are used for copy protection.

There is no such thing as "read protection". If you can't access the map, then it is probably damaged or missing. Javawa Device Manager should show you more info, and should also show whether you can access the map in Basecamp.