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eTrex Venture HC & BaseCamp

Started by jprzybysz, February 16, 2019, 12:16:36 AM

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I've had this little unit forever and it just won't stop working.  I know it's limited to 24MB and I used to be able to download a portion of a state's topo map for the area I was going to be visiting.  I haven't figured out a way to do this in BaseCamp. Is there a way to select only a portion of the map to transfer to the handheld unit?


Basecamp cannot transfer maps, MapInstall is used for that. However, last spring Garmin introduced an update to the software and it does not work properly. You can send a map to the GPS and everything appears to be fine. However, when you look on the GPS, the map does not work. Then to make things worse, Garmin discontinued work on Basecamp and MapInstall, so apparently this will never be fixed.

However, with your old device, you should use Mapsource instead of Basecamp/MapInstall anyway. See this tutorial:

This thread discussed the problem with Basecamp/MapInstall:




Just tried following the instructions - and MapInstall quits as soon as I open it.  Never even see the first screen.  The eTrex is connected and turned on, both BaseCamp and my iMac running High Sierra show the device as connected and active.  I've uninstalled and reinstalled MapInstall twice - both times I've received a "successful installation" message.



You didn't say you had a Mac, that is a rather important little detail. Mapsource only works on Windows. Do you have access to a Windows computer? If so, I would install Mapsource on it if possible.

I've never had an issue like you describe with MapInstall on my own Mac(s), but I am running Sierra. My only other thought would be to try some older versions of MapInstall and see if they work. There's an archive of old versions here

Unfortunately, Garmin has discontinued work on Basecamp and MapInstall, so there won't be any updates and they are also 32-bit programs, which means they won't work in the next version of MacOS.  >:(