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Astro 320 new map install

Started by robertzon, February 05, 2019, 07:24:42 AM

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I am quite a beginner on these GPS systems.
I had a friend bring in two Astro 320's, he had identical maps on both of them until he took one in for a repair and they wiped the SD card. What should I do to move maps over to the clean unit? Copying files over to the clean system says can't authenticate maps.
Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.


If you are talking about maps that were purchased from Garmin (as opposed to the free maps here), then it depends on exactly what you have. But generally speaking, unless you are the person who originally purchased the maps, you may be out of luck. Garmin maps are locked to a specific GPS device, that is why you got the error when you just copied the files.

I can think of three possible maps that might have been on the card. The first would be a data card purchased from Garmin that contains pre-installed map(s). If that was erased, you are out of luck. Garmin will not replace this kind of map.

If it was a map that was downloaded directly from Garmin, then the original purchaser can download it again within 12 months following purchase. After that time period, again, you are out of luck.

The other possibility would be maps installed from a DVD. Garmin stopped selling this kind of map a few years ago. But if the purchaser has their original DVD, the map could be re-installed, but agaiin, it would only work if your GPS is the one for which the map was originally purchased.

I suppose there's an other possibility, that the map could have been purchased from a third party company that sells their own maps. In that case, you would need to discuss the issue with them.

Regardless, I think you will need Garmin's help on this. The forums here are for the purpose of discussing the free maps available here, not for supporting commercial products.

Where did you "take it in for repair"? That would be my first stop, sounds like they seriously messed things up, there was absolutely no reason for them to erase the SD card.