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What GPS unit would you guys recommend?

Started by barkbomes9, May 13, 2020, 07:33:09 AM

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I understand I can use my cell phone. I would prefer to have a separate navigation system. I occasionally find myself on some backwoods roads so I'm looking for something that has good coverage but I also need something very reliable. So far I've heard Garmin is the way to go, but what do you guys think?


There really is no choice anymore. Dedicated GPS is a dying product category, and Garmin is the only company that still makes them. Have a look at sites such as and, they usually have refurbished Garmin handhelds which are the best value. Garmin refurbs have the same warranty as new.

The best deal I have seen recently is a refurb eTrex 30x for $100 at The etrex is popular for its small size and long battery runtime, however the screen is quite small, with low resolution, and the processor is less powerful than more expensive models.

I have had a Montana for many years, but the power button broke a couple years ago. Just can't bring myself to replace it because the new models have very few improvements and are quite expensive. About the cheapest I can find is $400.

The GPSMap 64 can be found for about $200, it has a pushbutton interface with a screen that is larger than the eTrex. But it is also rather old technology. Personally, I am not impressed with anything that Garmin has to offer. That's about what I would expect when there is only one company that makes a whole product category. :(