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basic map help

Started by LittleBill, February 15, 2018, 06:05:19 AM

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im trying to make a basic map, i can't believe after all these years, there is no clean cut way to do this.

ALL i want is, to convert my tracklog, into a map that can be used later on, and potentially be routable as well, at this point i just want a basic atv map for area's



You haven't said what kind of GPS you are using, which makes it kind of hard to answer. ;)

I'll assume it's a Garmin product. There actually are a couple of very simple programs to do what you describe. The first one is free. I have not used either, other than just a quick test once.

To make a more complex/routable map, try Mapwel

It is really the most user-friendly software for making Garmin maps. It is not free however. There's also GPSMapEdit, which is older and requires a second program to work (cgpsmapper).  The author of cgpsmapper discontinued his software several years ago and his website is now gone, although you can still download archival copies.

But I'd try Mapwel, it's an all in one solution that is actually very powerful. You can run on your computer and send watermarked maps to your GPS for free but need to purchase to make it fully usuable. I purchased it long ago and made some very complex maps, but I no longer use it.


its tied to a gps id? does that mean the map will only work for the 1 gps? i can't share with friends?

what happens if i get a new gps? i have to buy the software again?


These questions should really be addressed to the company that makes the software. ;)

I can tell you what it was a number of years ago when I purchased. The Pro version was not restricted, you could make maps for any GPS. However it used your gps like a "dongle" that had to be connected to authorize your use.

But if you don't like it, don't use it. I was simply suggesting what I consider to be the most user-friendly software. You could also use the mapmaking tutorials on this site, which use free software but are MUCH more involved.


Newer versions of gpsmapedit (maybe > 2 ) can use MapTk which is still under active development.  I have no personal connections with this software or it's author but I have a soft spot for it because it generated the first img file I was able to see in basecamp.  YMMV