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Sendmap20 from command line

Started by whiskeyportal, July 02, 2018, 03:29:05 PM

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I'm curious if anyone knows if it's possible to set the BaseCamp map name when using the command line to compile a GMAPSUPP.img . I am able to set the map set name with the -m command but the map name in BaseCamp is just map.  I am needing the map set name to carry over to all other map names, except the GMAPSUPP


I don't use it from the command line.
I use Sendmap20.exe which lets you load maps and .typ files in one easy session.

Change the name of the map in the Mapset box
Then Upload to my Garmin Oregon
Fast and easy


Also have a look at JaVaWa's free programs. They have several options for setting map names, plus many other useful functions.


I use the GUI for sendmap20 currently to make the gmapsupp, and javawa to make visible in basecamp and check for missing tiles. I was wanting to script the entire sendmap20 process