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No Maps showing up in New Montana 610

Started by mileup1, September 11, 2018, 05:59:23 PM

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Installed Map Trails, WyTopo, Co Topo, Ok Topo, and Tx Topo all gpsfiledepot maps from Basecamp to new Montana 610. They showed in the device but would not come up in Maps. I then took SD card out of old Oregon 450 and put it in the Montana with the same maps on it. When I went to maps the topo for Wy came up but shortly went away and disappeared. Garmin tech knows there are some problems but no answers or fixes. thank you   


This sounds like the same problem everyone is having. Just look, there are many threads on the topic. Garmin updated Basecamp and MapInstall in May and the new versions don't work properly. The symptoms are exactly as you described, everything seems fine when you send the maps, but the maps don't show on the GPS (or if they do show, there are almost no details).

Some people think Garmin is intentionally preventing third party maps from working. Most likely, it's just a bug, however Garmin doesn't seem interested in fixing it. Only solution is to downgrade to an old version of the software, or else use Garmin's discontinued Mapsource program. See this thread for more info:

BTW, sounds like you are using lots of maps on your GPS. Be careful, because there's a limit to Garmin devices that most people aren't aware of. Your Montana only supports about 4000 map segments. This limit is completely unrelated to the size of the map files. If you install too many segments, some of the maps won't work properly. Doesn't matter if the maps are enabled or not, or if they are in internal memory or a card.

Use this free program to see how many segments are installed on the device.


Why does my old Oregon 450 still work on the Basecamp etc updates in May? Seems to me that the software in the new Montana 610 is not working. I guess it doesn't matter as Garmin is the problem and really considering returning the new unit. Garmin is certainly not being straight forward or I and many others would have known about this problem before buying a new unit. Thanks again for your help! 


Before I send the new Montana 610 back, I think I'll try what Lloyd S did. I'll download Mapsource on another PC and download the gpsfiledepot topo maps in Mapsource. I then will load the maps in the Montana. Is this a good plan Boyd?


Yes, Mapsource should work. But there is an issue with installing multiple maps, it always names the map file gmapsupp.img when you send it to the gps, so it will erase the previous map that you sent. The solution is to change the file name after you have sent it to the gps. For example, change gmapsupp.img to WyTopo.img after sending it, then repeat as necessary for the other maps.

Mapsource used an older system for bundling multiple maps into a single gmapsupp.img file. This worked well on old devices, but my experience is that it can create problems on a new model like the Montana. So I think it's best to just change the map file names as you send them. New devices can have multiple map files, but old ones required all the maps to be installed in a single file.

Again, keep an eye on the total number of map segments you are sending as I mentioned earlier. Mapsource will show the total number of segments that you select.

Alternately, just downgrade Basecamp and MapInstall. The old versions still work properly.


I have installed and working on my SD card My Trails, Wy Topo, and Tx Topo. The Montana 610 is safe from shipping back. As planned I downloaded Mapsource, downloaded the 3 maps in Mapsource, and installed the maps on an SD card. In the Montana with the SD card in it I had to do 2 things to see the topo maps. I had to see if the maps were in the SD Card and then enable the maps in the Montana. With the device in maps I also had to make the map view size in the Montana down to 3 miles or smaller to see the topos.

I never would have been able to be successful with all of this had it not been for gpsfiledepot. The forums, the tutorials, and the maps gave me the tools and knowledge to get this done. I also want to thank Boyd for always being so helpful, patient, and right. Again Gpsfiledepot in many ways is super and necessary. Thank you!   


I have faced the same problem. You can contact garmin customer services. Their tech team is capable of resolving all types of issues related to Garmin devices.