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MITOPO maps on GPSMAP 78sc

Started by chapple, July 08, 2018, 04:25:37 PM

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I have a new Garmin GPSMPS 78sc. I have downloaded both MITOPO11 and MyTrails install files and installed them on my laptop and through Basecamp to the unit. When I went to setup - Map Information Select Map - I found and enabled both My Trails and mitopo11. My only choices are "Enable or Disable".  When I open a track I see a map with the track, however the map is not mitopo11. When zoom to 12mile I see township lines and major roads. Zooming, as close as 200', in further I see a solid gray background and my track. with no elevation lines, etc. It is obviously not a topo map. I went to Map Information Select Map and disabled all maps except mitopo11 and My Trails. Track shows same results as before. I did read an earlier post and followed those directions, set details to normal, ect.
Please suggest a solution. :)
PS Boyd, With your help a year ago, my etrex30 works great with mitopo11 and My Trails.


Are you using the new version of Basecamp?  If so, it is not working. Read one of the many threads on the subjects.


Not sure if it is new version...ver:4.7.0 and driver version:


Hey! I got it. :) I had both My Trails and mitopo11 on my etrex30 and copied those two files to my laptop then to my GPSMAP 78SC (Garmin directory). I then disabled all maps on the device excep My Trails and mitopo11. I opened a track and WOW there it was on mitopo11!  ;D :)
So...if you have acess to copies of the two files already on a garmin device, you can copy and paste into your GPSMAP 78SC. 


Quote from: chapple on July 08, 2018, 06:01:04 PM
Not sure if it is new version...ver:4.7.0 and driver version:

That is the broken version. ;)