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Mapping issues with Astro 320

Started by Wheats100, March 08, 2014, 03:36:39 AM

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Hi there, I've just bought an Astro 320 and already operate a GPS 62s.

I have a full topo sd map which is loaded into the sd slot of the Astro, I've also built a custom map set for my hunting areas in mapsource. I then send the map set to the unit, go into settings and enable both the preloaded sd topo map and my custom map set.

This is where the problem begins- with both map sets enabled I can only see the custom map (which is poor detail) I want to be able to see an overlay of both? I can disable the custom map and get full functionality of the preloaded topo map but then loose my customised boundaries for hunting exclusion areas......

When following the same process with the GPS 62s I can see all maps in overlay no problems at all.

Any idea why the Astro is different or have I missed something basic?

Appreciate any assistance.



Anyone got any ideas on this issue. I'm struggling to understand the differences.


Did you ever have any luck figuring this out? I have an Astro 320 as well and I am having a very similar issue.

I have loaded maps onto an sd card and they show up as an map with incomplete data. When I put the sd card in on of my other gps units (Oregon600 or Rhino650) the maps work just fine.

I am stumped on this one.


I don't know anything about the Astro series. Does it have a "profiles" feature like the Oregon, Montana and other recent models? If so, there is a bug that has appeared on several models that sometimes causes problems like this.

On the Oregon the fix was to make sure the GPS was set to the recreational profile. If it is already set to recreational, change it to something else. Then go back and change to recreational again.

Just a shot in the dark...


Astro does have profiles.
I tried switching between profiles but the same thing continued happening.  :o


I have a similar problem. I downloaded Idaho topo maps on my SD card and inserted into and astro 320. Nothing. Shows up great on basecamp, but nothing on the unit itself. You can even go into map setting on the handheld and it shows up as Idaho topo. You can enable it or disable it with no change. Thanks for the help


The current versions of Basecamp (4.7) and MapInstall (4.2) are broken and cannot properly install maps. This is most likely your problem - see this: