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Garmin Rino 530 topo maps that work

Started by CBCIGAR, June 14, 2018, 10:30:44 AM

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Hi everyone,

  I am hoping someone might be able to help guide me in getting a topo map to work on a Garmin Rino 530.  Yes I know this is a older unit, however I feel its a wonderful device that still has practical use today.  I basically need topo maps on it for PA and or OH.  I tried a couple vs. last night and nothings working.  All I get are roads with no detail.  Note, I really do not even need roads.  Im using this for scouting deer in the hills of PA and OH.  Hiking trails and TOPO would be perfect. 

  NOTE.  I have both Basecamp and mapsorce.  Both work fine, communicate, up load and down load to and from the device.  I am good with the process, its the map that I need help with. 

  Thank you anyone who can help.  I really appreciate it.


Are you sure this isn't the same problem others are reporting with the new Basecamp 4.7.0 and MapInstall 4.2.0? See:

According to the specs, the Rino 530 only has 56MB of internal memory:

The 530 hcx has a memory card slot:

Which do you have? If it's the regular 530, then you will be really limited by the 56MB memory capacity, that will only allow a very small map.

I have coverage of Eastern PA in my Map of NJ and it supports old devices like the GPSMap 60csx which should be similar:

But I'd expect many of the maps at GPSFileDepot would work on your Rino, since the mapmaking tutorials here are rather "plain vanilla" with nothing that shouldn't work on an old device.


Hey Boyd, thanks for the reply back,

  To the first question, I'm sure its the newest vs. of basecamp.. I down loaded it last night.. So this will be the first thing I will look into.  It is a 530, not a 530 HCX.. That said you're right it only has so much room to work with.  When I loaded maps, the map installer let me pick a section of the map it blocks.  I chose what I wanted I.E my normal hunting areas on the map and uploaded it.  Its stranger for sure. 

  I'm going to try your map in it and see what happens.  I'm guessing its the fact that its an older tech that does not recognize the files being up loaded but I could be way off. 


Since you have Mapsource and know how to use it, you can just transfer the map that way. Mapsource is the appropriate software to use for a device of that age IMO.

Since you have a card slot, you can use a big card if needed. You might want to update the firmware if it's out of date, very old firmware might not support big cards. I think the only real limitation of your GPS will be ~2000 map segments. That would typically be a very large map, certainly enough to cover your desired area.


Well I think you hit the nail right on the head here.  I un installed the current Basecamp, mapshare and map loader, went 1 vs. prior.  and re installed!  got exactly what I need now!  Thank you so much Boyd!