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No contour lines

Started by KMal, June 13, 2018, 11:01:44 AM

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Hi all brand new to the site and first questions.  I recently downloaded a few of the TOPO maps that are the editors choice for each state.  At first a downloaded Missouri, then Illinois.  I put them on Basecamp and they look great.  When i put them on my etrex 25 touch, there is very little detail and no contour lines.  I have changed all the setting, but nothing works.  Anyone know whats going on?


How did you put them on the Touch?  Hopefully not with the new PC version of Basecamp/Mapinstall...


The current version of Basecamp/MacInstall does not work properly and could be one reason for your problem. See this thread:


That is exactly what I used.  I saw something about the newest version, but didn't match it to my experience because i hadn't realized my maps weren't fully loaded.  Thanks for the expert advice, you guys are awesome and the older versions fixed me up.  One additional question, i wasn't able to find where to turn off auto updates for Basecamp, where would i find that?