MapInstall 4.2 (May 2018 update) won't install third party maps

Started by 93ToyTruck, June 09, 2018, 10:21:38 PM

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Hi Boyd,

You're right, Garmin wouldn't move the City Navigator. It's not listed in the Basecamp MapInstall window, so it's not available to be moved to the Rino. Apparently it's locked to the Montana. It originally was purchased on a dvd which I have.

I'll take a look at the firmware downgrade option next. I saw numerous older firmware files at your link. I'll do some research as to what will work on this Rino device. I'm worried that I'll be SOL without any gps if the wrong firmware "bricks" this device. This ventures into uncharted territory for me.

I thought the Worldwide DEM Basemap had major roads, but that seems to be just a very vague topo presence when zoomed way out. I find that odd, maybe the roads are a part of City Navigator. I removed the NE Topo so the only maps on the unit are the Worldwide DEM Basemap, a Digital Globe and a Grand Canyon demo USGS Quad.

I don't find a gupdate.gcd file on the unit. There is a GarminDevice.xml file that has reference to the latest software update version.


Unfortunately, Garmin discontinued the DVD versions of their maps a few years ago. The only options now are downloadable versions and pre-loaded cards. The download version is locked to the original GPS and is not compatible with MapInstall. The card version can be used on any GPS, but cannot be moved from the original card and cannot be used in MapInstall.

Are you trying to install the Global Map on your GPS? You should not do that, it is just a very crude map that is only intended for use in Basecamp. Your GPS should already have its own basemap which is comparable (possibly better).

Firmware downgrades should be straightforward, however don't do it if you aren't comfortable.


Thank you a lot for disposing your time to explain the procedures and the links! vscr888group


Quote from: Red90 on January 01, 2019, 01:33:02 PM
Allory Deiss is the page owner.

@Red90: I just noticed that the software archive at is gone and a message says the site has been suspended. I assume that means the bill is not getting paid?

I have a feeling it might be gone for good, because also seems to be gone.  :(


He says it will be back.

He is currently posting updates on Twitter at allory_d




Unfortunately, the Garmin software archive is gone again (or maybe never really came back?). Anyway, the old link no longer works for me: is back online however.


Quote from: Boyd on August 13, 2020, 02:51:59 PM
Unfortunately, the Garmin software archive is gone again (or maybe never really came back?). Anyway, the old link no longer works for me: is back online however.

I asked.  The basic story is they host on GoDaddy and their site was part of the security breach earlier this year.  While getting it back up GD noticed the large storage usage from the archive folder and told them they would need to move to a professional plan at 20 times the cost.

So, it still exists.  They just are not willing to pay huge money to host it.


Thanks a lot for looking into this. It's really too bad, but we should all be thankful that Allory provided what Garmin was unwilling to do for so many years. I don't know how big that archive was, but there are other web hosting companies with inexpensive plans that offer unlimited storage.

Personally, I'd be concerned about hosting that amount of Garmin's intellectual property without their permission. I guess Garmin knew the site existed though and chose to just ignore it... sort of like they do with third party maps that use their proprietary format.


Okay, Forced to migrate Windows 7 to Windows 10. My original National Geographic TOPO version! Up and running, but for my life, I can't figure out how to move all the map files to the hard drive so I don't have to continually swap disks. Their meager directions never wrote about this mission, so I can't recall how I did it.