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Map Manager Quits

Started by TracyB, May 24, 2018, 06:31:03 AM

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Hi all,

I'm new to the GPS thing and admittedly not too techy either.  I downloaded Garmin Base Camp as well as Map Manager and Map Install.  I found free topo maps online and I've got a file for the Northeast on my desktop.  When I try to install them Map Manager simply quits immediately.

I found the maps on GMap tools.  I'm trying to install on my OS X Yosemite 10.10.

What would make map manager quit?  I think maybe I should uninstall it but sadly... I can't figure that out either.  <big sigh of frustration>.


The author of gmaptool, Popej, is a member here so maybe he will respond. But I'm not sure if the maps on his site are compatible with the Mac.

Try another map and see if that works on your Mac. For example, my NJ topo works fine on my own Mac:


Thanks Boyd, I'll try that during my lunch break.


Hi Tracy,

I don't use Mac and my knowledge about Mac OS is limited. Please watch this tutorial, maybe it will help:

It is about maps for fenix, but topo maps work exactly the same. The only difference is that you don't have to rename img file in device, which is shown at the end of video.


If a map is in the old style PC first needs to be installed on a PC and then converted to the newer style using Mapconverter


That's not the problem Red, this map is already in the required .gmap format for the Mac

I downloaded the map, downloaded keka, uncompressed, double-clicked the US_Northeast_OSM_Topo.gmap file and map manager opened. The Map installed with no problems on my 2013 MacBook Air i7/8gb/512gb running MacOS Sierra and Mapmanager 3.01

So your map is fine Popej - looks good too (although I have some issues with OSM in general). Not sure what is going on with TracyB. Perhaps it's related to the fact you're running an old Version of MacOS(Yosemite was introduced in 2014)?

For starters I would delete all the Garmin software (Basecamp, MapInstall, MapManager) and re-install them. Did you originally get them from the Mac App Store? I have seen a variety of reports of problems with these. I suggest downloading directly from Garmin:


BTW Popej, if you use the standard Windows zip function, the archives are compatible with Apple's archive utility that's included with every Mac. I don't know why, but archive utility couldn't decode your 7-zip file so I had to download the suggested keka program.

I use the standard windows zip files for the maps I make because that way I know they will open on a Mac without any special software. Come to think of it.... I wonder how the OP decompressed the archive? That might be the problem.


One final thought... you don't need MapManager to install maps. It's a very simplistic program that just copies a file to the correct directory. You can easily do this manually.

Quit from Basecamp if it's running. Click once on the "smiley Mac" Finder icon in the dock. this will put you in your home directory.

Use the Go > Go to Folder menu command and paste the following text into the box

Library/Application Support/Garmin/Maps

Now just drag the US_Northeast_OSM_Topo.gmap file to the folder that opens. That's it, the map should now appear in Basecamp.


Quote from: Boyd on May 25, 2018, 09:43:14 AMI use the standard windows zip files for the maps I make because that way I know they will open on a Mac without any special software.
7-zip can create common zip archive too, but using 7z format I get file sizes about 10-15% lower. I feel like being kind of ecological saving space and data transfer ;)

IMHO 7-zip is one of the best file archivers available and is free.


I agree, 7-zip is great and I also use it on my Windows computer. My only point was that this makes things harder for Mac users. :)