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"Editor selected" maps

Started by Boyd, April 17, 2018, 09:40:47 AM

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Many of the "editor selected" maps (shown in a box on the custom maps page) are getting quite old, and many (if not most) have the Windows registry bug. This is a constant source of confusion and frustration to new users, here's a thread from today that is typical: I'm sure there are others who have this problem but don't bother registering and posting to the forum.

Unfortunately I don't think the authors have any intention of updating most of these maps, so you might reconsider the recommendation for "editor selection". I realize this could take awhile, so another option might be eliminating the "editor selected" box altogether.

Just a suggestion... what do you think?


Sounds like a pretty good plan. That or I should just download each and fix the registry bug if there isn't' a latest version for the same area. In the next couple weeks I'll start hitting each one and testing it.
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