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nuvi 750

Started by ken, August 03, 2009, 07:52:32 PM

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 I  tried the mapsource download but it seems to be an update and wanted a previous version already on the computer.  
I did download the kansas topo file.  Hey there are more hills here than you would think.
I put the files in a \garmin folder on the SD card, with windows directly to its drive letter.
After putting all the .img files, and the .tdb too, the nuvi does not see the topos, only the navigator NT 2009.  Could use some direction from here.  Does it take more than just copying the files to the SD card?  Do the maps need to the "registered" to the nuvi?  Thanks.

Indrid Cold

Please follow the tutorial here:

And don't skip step #1.

Then you can install the KS download to your computer and follow this tutorial to load it:


Oh thanks,
I did not think I needed training and skipped that part.
Obviously the computer needed the training.
The program did install after directions were followed.
One needs to also close and reopen mapsource after creating/installing map folders on the computer.