Cannot figure out where to install my topo maps for BaseCamp to pick them up

Started by BillsBayou, February 22, 2018, 08:51:39 AM

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I have tried several target directories for my Louisiana Topo map installation.  When I open BaseCamp, the map is not visible.  When I select MapInstall, I can see my GPSr, but no maps. Just this message:
"No unlocked maps were found for this device"

PC: Windows 7 Service Pack 1 Dell Latitude E7450 Laptop
Maps: Louisiana Topo
GPSr: Garmin 64s
BaseCamp version 4.6.2
BaseCamp install directory: C:\Program Files (x86)\Garmin\BaseCamp

Attempted Target Directories:
c:\Program Files\Garmin\
c:\Program Files\Garmin\latopo11\
c:\Program Files x(86)\Garmin\
c:\Program Files x(86)\Garmin\latopo11\
c:\Program Files x(86)\Garmin\Maps\
c:\Program Files x(86)\Garmin\Maps\latopo11\
c:\Program Files x(86)\Garmin\MapInstall\latopo11\
c:\Program Files x(86)\Garmin\MapInstall\Maps\
c:\Program Files x(86)\Garmin\MapInstall\Maps\latopo11\
c:\Program Files x(86)\Garmin\BaseCamp\latopo11\
c:\Program Files x(86)\Garmin\BaseCamp\Maps\
c:\Program Files x(86)\Garmin\BaseCamp\Maps\latopo11\

For each new folder I do the following:
Run the installation file for the Louisiana topo and select the installation directory.
Open BaseCamp
Select Maps>Install Maps
Verify I cannot see the map
Close BaseCamp
Uninstall the download file
Start over

I'm running out of ideas



Yes, that is the legacy location for Garmin maps. There are some old maps on this site that require installation in a specific location, this has been discussed before. But if a map and installer are made properly today, it really shouldn't matter where you install it.

When you say "my Louisiana Topo" do you mean that this is a map you have created yourself, or just a map that you downloaded from gpsfiledepot?


The Louisiana topo file I got from this site.  I'm not sure where this should go.

I just tried the c:\ProgramData\Garmin\Maps suggestion, but it didn't work.

The La Topo map is an installer that creates a sub folder titled "latopo11" and places all the files into there.  Should that be a sub folder be created or should all the files go into whatever the recommended folder?

The files in the folder has one "typ" extension, one "tdb", and an "img" file with the same name as the "tdb" filename.

Hope some of that helps to point me in the same direction.

Is there something I can do with the MapsetToolkit?  I just ran it against the files, and it does say "Complete".  But restarting the Garmin Basecamp and clicking Maps>Install Maps does not show anything to install.


If the map was created properly, it just doesn't matter where you install it. What is the default location that shows? You should never have to mess with any of the files inside that folder, the installer should take care of it all.

Is this the map?

If so, then your problem has nothing to do with where you are installing it. This map has a defective installer, like a number of other old maps on this site. Please read what the author of the map has written. He clearly explains how to fix the problem (in bright red text) on the map information page.

"There is an issue with the 64-bit installer used in the PC version of this mapset. If this is the first mapset you are installing on a Windows 7 64 bit PC, you will need to FIRST install a mapset which used a 32-bit installer, 'My trails ....' works and is small in size."