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gpsmap c60

Started by wicker, February 21, 2018, 11:07:42 AM

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how do i add maps to gpsmap c60 please


Do you mean the GPSMap 60c?

That old device was designed to work with Garmin's Mapsource software. Do you have Mapsource installed on your computer? See this tutorial for how to load maps with Mapsource:

Basecamp is Garmin's newer software, Mapsource has been discontinued. If you don't already have Mapsource on your computer, you can download Basecamp here.

Then see this tutorial:


hiya yes 60c i have great Britain topo  one it Will not open in base camp ? help please


I don't see any map at GPSFileDepot named "Great Britain Topo". Exactly what map are you talking about? Is it this one perhaps?

If so, that map is not hosted at GPSFileDepot and it is not free. You should contact the author through his website if you have questions.