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What size SD card?

Started by JLV, August 03, 2009, 07:28:53 PM

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Just wondering what size micro SD card to get for my Nuvi 205w? I dont mind buying a big card, but is there a limit as far as proper function? I'd like to get a couple states worth of topos on it if possible.
Also, the Garmin site shows the Nuvi 205w taking a SD card, all the others say micro SD. I dont have the 205w in hand yet, but it requires the micro SD correct?

When downloading the topos I do that directly to the card, and dont need a cable to connect the nuvi to the computer right?
Sorry for the newb questions.


4 gig would probably hold all I'd ever need. Just to confirm, it is MICRO SD correct? I think it was an omisson on the Garmin site.