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Creating map for Polaris Interactive Digital Display

Started by phnx85, February 07, 2018, 02:24:48 AM

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I just bought a snowmobile that has an Polaris Interactive Digital Display (PIDD) with navigation. I'm not able to post external links, but there is a video showing the system on Youtube, search for "2015 Polaris Interactive Digital Display - Polaris Snowmobiles"

The problem is that for Norway the map flat out sucks. We just get an outline of our country and no details what so ever at any magnification. I'm able to download updates from Polaris and within the ZIP file there is a file called "BaseMap.img". So i was thinking it might be possible to transfer a custom map to the device. I've tried opening the file in GMapTool and MapsetToolkit but no luck. GMapTool says "file format errors"

Can anyone help me in the right direction? What should i try next?

If anybody want to give it a go just search for "Polari PIDD Update" and the first result should be "Map and Software Updates - Polaris Ride Command", here you can download the map file.


I make Garmin ATV trail maps for the US and many people have tried to get them to work on the Polaris display with no luck.  They have also tried downloading my original gpx tracks with no success.  It will only store a very limited amount.  Go to the Polaris RZR forum, it has a lot of info on the PIDD.