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wis topo maps wont display

Started by bjcas, February 04, 2018, 08:02:32 AM

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first time user.  I downloaded the free wisc topo maps. I cant get them to my garmin 64s.  what did i not do right?? i read all the tutorials.  I can get other maps from base camp to my unit.

thanks in advance.


You really haven't told us enough to help. Do the maps display properly in Basecamp? Exactly what steps did you take to transfer them to your 64s? What operating system are you using?


I have windows 10.   All I did was run the topo installer and put in the file on my sd card for the unit. I cant figure how to get them seen.

thanks again


From what you say, you were not doing the correct thing to install a map. The tutorials here would have helped with that. The basic procedure is that you first install the map in Basecamp. You then confirm that it is viewable on your computer, and finally you send it to your GPS unit using MapInstall. You can't just "put the file on your your sd card".

You still did not answer my first question, so I will ask again. Can you see the map in Basecamp? If not, then there is a fundamental problem.

If you can see the map in Basecamp, connect your GPS to your computer and it will appear in the sidebar. Click on it, then choose the Maps > Install Maps menu. That will start the MapInstall program. Click the Customize button and check the box next to the map you want to install and also be sure that any maps already on your gps are also checked.

Then just follow the prompts and wait for the install to finish. It should be just that easy.


No I cant see in BASECAMP.

I installed  MY TRAILS and those I can see on basecamp.

I have made a mapset call WISTOPO.  it can be seen as a family with TRAILS in MAPSETTOOLKIT V 1.77.

I have closed and opened BASECAMP many times.  I read all the tutorials and I must be missing something. 

I am sorry for being a pain. THanks for the help.


Not familiar with any of the Wisconsin topo's on this site. There are some old maps here that require you to install them someplace different from the default location. Sorry, don't recall the specifics, but this was only an issue with a few of the older maps here.

Have you tried any of the other Wisconsin maps? If they work then that would suggest a problem with the specific map you're using.


were you able to resolve the display problem?