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Etrex 30x question

Started by MichaelJ07, January 31, 2018, 10:02:12 AM

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My son has a etrex 30x and is wondering if his track data can be saved to the SD card like on my old 60csx to be later read with BaseCamp and MapSource.  Can you advise?  Thank you.

Yes, I am still using my 60csx for my long distance motorcycle challenges all over the USA!  I love that unit!  Probably why I owe three!  :-)
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The manual is here, I don't see any option for saving to the SD card.

But it will automatically archive your track in internal memory when it fills up (Depending on settings). Regardless, you don't need to save a track to the SD card to use it on your computer on the 60csx either. That was an option that allowed you to save tracks that were larger than 10,000 points IIRC. This shouldn't be needed anymore with the auto-archive function.

The 60csx was a real classic, still have mine and was just using it to test a new map I'm working on for compatibility. That low resolution 8-bit screen and the map rendering quality is pretty horrible in today's world however. But in terms of accuracy, it is still respectable and if you don't care about screen size or quality, it's certainly still usable.


Thanks Boyd.

I'll pass that along to my son.

Agree on the 60csx compared to today's market.  My first one has turned over twice.  I run it alongside my phone as I ride.  Funny.....the Google Girl sure does argue a lot with that old 60csx.  She doesn't even give a second thought to the fact that it was born "without a tongue" to argue back.  :-)

Again, thank you.  Much appreciated, Sir.
The probability of being watched is directly proportional to the stupidity of your act.