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POI type affects GPS "Find"

Started by glendeni, January 05, 2018, 11:59:33 AM

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I've noticed on my GPS64 load of my custom map that POIs with some types (eg: 0x5201, 0x6619) are found by a "FIND" of both "All POIs" & "Geographic Points (All Categories)" but other types (eg: 0x641c,0x6701) are found only in "Geographic Points (All Categories)" - not by "All POIs". (All types are displayed on the map.) Could not find anything in cGPSmapper User Manual addressing this. 

Anyone know what determines what Type is NOT found by  "All POIs" ??  My guess is that Garmin has some list of "known" POIs (eg those listed in cGPSmapper User Manual, but with others subsequently added by Garmin) and only those will be included in "All POIs" - but that's just a guess. (In my custom map I've purposely tried _not_ to use a "known" type since none of the Garmin descriptions match what the icon is supposed to represent - but I may now need to change that.)



Thanks for that link.  Seems like this must be empirically found. I'll just have to use trial and error.