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whats good gps to get for riding wva tails

Started by HITT II, January 10, 2018, 06:45:53 PM

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Have the same question.  Hope somebody responds with some info.


Phone or tablet in a rugged case? There are so many inexpensive apps on both android and ios. Wont be compatible with Garmin maps but will be less expensive and have a bigger screen than Garmin's units.

We have at least one mapmaker here who is making trail maps for apps like OruxMaps and Backcountry navigator. I am not working on many Garmin maps myself these days, have developed my own system for making maps that are compatible with multiple apps.

Very disillusioned with Garmin these days, after spending thousands on their products over the years. They seem very expensive in today's world and very proprietary. And they really don't want us to make free maps for their devices. The 3rd party software that most of us used was discontinued a number of years ago and it all just gets harder...

Anyway, if you want a Garmin device the Montana and GPSMap276cx have the largest screens. The 276 is really expensive, $600+. The cheapest option is probably a refurb Montana 600 if you can find one, maybe $300.

OTOH, you could get a phone with a 5" screen and rugged case for under $200, then choose one of many apps for under $50. Orux is one of the best and it's free.


Mail me if you would like to try a vector map for WV - usable with BCNav, Locus and Orux.