new computer / can't see maps in Basecamp software after download of maps

Started by sgnlpratt, January 07, 2018, 05:19:37 PM

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I've lost all my maps when we got a new computer recently.  The cotopo11 and wytopo11 are my most used.  I have the maps and Basecamp downloaded.  I've followed all the tutorials I could find, even the mapset tookit one and that one gave me an error of "cannot insert a mapset in mapsource" .  Therefore I can't get any maps visable in Basecamp software.  Any ideas what is going on.  I got it to work previously.


Is the old computer still accessible (or a backup)? if so, you can move all your maps with this free program:

Otherwise, if you are installing fresh from a download on this site, some maps suffer from an old bug in the installer. This used to work properly on old versions of Windows but it broke with Windows 7 64 bit. The problem is the installer does not create some registry keys that are needed.

There is a simple fix though, you just need to install a map that doesn't have this bug, it will create the registry keys needed for the others. Make sure you quit from Basecamp and Mapsource, then install this map. You don't need to use the map, just install it.

Now start Basecamp and see if the other maps work. If not, uninstall them with the control panel and re-install.


Thanks, I reloaded some of the maps after loading Mytrails for now & they are working.  Is there a way to combine the mytrails with other maps or have the trails somehow showup when looking at another may (ie cotopo11)?


Unfortunately Basecamp and Mapsource only allow you to view one map at a time. If you install it on a GPS however, then you can enable it along with another map and see them both.

I don't use that map, but read through all the docs that are included. IIRC, the author describes a technique to rip the data from the map into a .gpx file that can be used in Basecamp along with another map.