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Kashmir (Pir Pinjal) map in 1:100k or less

Started by vonbyron, January 15, 2018, 09:02:35 PM

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Hello viewer and thank you for help.

Simply trying to source a topo map of the Pir Pinjal range of western Kashmir (indian). 1:100k km or less.

I'm grateful for your advice. 


Mac OS. Garmin Fenix


This is about the best I can find:
The Perry-CastaƱeda Library has some online maps to download here:

It looks like the best they have to offer is 1:250000, the most recent from 1981:

That link is a text-based list of maps for download, which isn't very intuitive.  But at the top of the list is a link to a clickable map where you can find the area of interest and download actual maps in .jpg or .pdf formats.

You didn't mention what format you need the map in or what device you are using - making custom maps from PDF/JPG files for my Garmin is something I do quite a bit, so if you happen to find a usable map from that list I'd be happy to try to show you how to get it into a format a garmin can read (a "Garmin Cusom Map").

After poking around a bit, I have found these two offer maps for your area of interest: