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need a job???

Started by jacef8, December 18, 2017, 01:26:36 PM

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I'm looking to hire someone that can add and setup two shp files (line and point) to work on a garmin alpha or gpsmap62s. I have tried every tutorial and program (at risk of viruses) and none do what i need them to do or I don't understand the directions. I'm tired of fooling with it. If anyone that KNOWS they can do it would like to make a few bucks send me a message.


Shapefiles will of course not work on a Garmin.  They need to be converted to GPX. The process of doing that depends on the data in the shapefile.  Sometimes conversion is pretty straightforward, other times the data is highly fragmented.  Other times the data just isn't really something meaningful on a GPS.   

Have you tried QGIS.  It uses the GDAL library and can convert formats for almost any geospatial file.  Or just download GDAL directly and use the command line.  Neither are easy to learn but should work with some effort.


Are you trying to make a map with some shape file data or simply some tracks and waypoints?  It is normally fairly straightforward.  Maybe we can help teach you.