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Viewing a section of a Track

Started by Buzz Waxwing, December 19, 2017, 04:13:02 PM

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Buzz Waxwing

Is there a way to view a section of a track or save it after it is downloaded into basecamp? I use my 450 while bike riding and sometimes I would like to know my speed and time on certain sections so I can compare it to my previous times. I've tried to select different points on the track while viewing the map but I can't seem to select a section between 2 points and find out how long it took to travel between the 2 points.  Is this possible?  Thanks


If you have the track as a GPX file and load it into GPSU that should tell you what you want. The free version should suffice.

Buzz Waxwing


In Basecamp, click on the track to bring up the properties window.  Select the start point, scroll down to the final point and shirt click on that one. The window will show a summary of the selected part of the track.