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Big Desert Southwest Top

Started by rodmoyer, December 18, 2017, 10:40:23 AM

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I've just discovered your wonderful, ROUTABLE, Big Desert Southwest topo map.  I immediately made a contribution to GPSFileDepot.  I would REALLY like to have the missing South 1/3 of Arizona (which is definitely desert Southwest) included in this map, and look forward to making another contribution for that.  I also use your Arizona Topo map, which includes that part of Arizona but is not routable.


Just so you understand how GPSFileDepot works... it is a repository for free maps that have been made by many different people. There is no central authority that chooses or updates the maps, it's just whatever the authors want to do.

The map you are talking about ( was created by "Seldom", who was very active here a number of years ago but has not been around much since then. I wouldn't expect any updates from him. If you are interested in his maps, you can contact him directly through the PM feature:;u=1659

Any donations that you make go to the owner of the site - which is certainly worthwhile. But users such as "Seldom" who make the maps do not receive any portion of it.