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Copy GPX waypoints to new map?

Started by Brek, December 06, 2017, 03:41:37 AM

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Hi Guys :)
I have a GPS track log file full of waypoints that opens with GPSMapEdit software,
but I'm wondering if there's a way to import that as map POIs to be exported as a map?

Right now, the only way I can see to do it is to create new points manually using the GPX
file points as an overlay, but there are many points.
Cheers, Brek.


Not real clear on what you're trying to do. Do you want a "map" (.img file) as an overlay for another map? Seems to me that this would be straightforward to do with GPSMapEdit.

But maybe one of these programs would work for you? They provide a simple way to create .img files from .gpx files. The first one is free. I have not used either one myself.


Hi :) No, I want to create a map file using a GPX file as the data for the POIs.
One of those programs might do it though, Thanks :)


In GPSMapedit, you simply select all of the waypoints and right click, then convert to points.  Save and compile as a transparent map.


Ok thanks.. I went about it the long way, with a program, but it worked fine :D



This was answered above but I thought it would be nice to see some screen shots
It was confusing to me the first time I was trying to figure out how to add .gpx data to one of my GpsMapEdit maps

To add .gpx data to an existing map
Open an existing map in GpsMapEdit and choose ADD from the file menu
The .gpx file data shows on your map as shown in my screen shots

Or just open the .gpx file in GpsMapEdit
Choose the file and it will show on your map
Right click on any item and choose what to do with it
Tracks get converted to polylines
Waypoint get converted to points

Choose the type of object from the dialog box that opens
Lines and points all have many types you can choose from

If you save your map in  GpsMapEdit, the .gpx file will be attached to the GpsMapEdit file
You can click on any of the .gpx objects in your map and it will delete all of them
Your converted objects will still be on your map

If you do not delete the .gpx file from you map, it will open every time you open your map
The file gets attached to your map data .txt or .mp file
You can open those files and delete the .gpx line manually
See my screen shot below


One thing I do often in GpsMapEdit is to open two copies of the program

I run dual 23 inch monitors
That makes it handy to have the two copies of GpsMapEdit running on separate screens

You can copy objects on one map and paste them onto another map

Very simple and easy